Press and Communication

We cover all communication needs.

  • Drafting of press releases and layout of newsletters: development, delivery and monitoring.
  • Preparation of press dossiers and calendar of activities.
  • Constant solution to the informative demands of journalists / stylists.
  • Direct relationship with the client to take advantage of any brand news.
  • Relationship with a wide list of on / off / tv media.
  • Press shipments.

Showroom & PR

We have a 180 m2 showroom in the heart of Madrid, (in a strategic area of communication agencies). brandgroup It works as a network that connects the needs of the media with the proposals of our brands.

  • Selection of collections of brands.
  • Incorporation of the collection to the Stock control computer system.
  • Organization of one Open day per season to present the new collections to the media.
  • Personalized invitation to stylists and journalists for ad hoc presentations of the brands.
  • Customized corner of the brand.
  • Extension of the brand image, to create synergies and continuity.

Press Clipping

We track clipping internally, in this way we can quickly be aware of the appearances in the media of our brands.

  • Daily press monitoring.
  • We create a link in the cloud organized month by month with the publications.
  • Link updated every time there are new publications.
  • Economic valuation of results.
  • Physical Press Book of semi-annual appearances.
  • Economic valuation of results. ROI.


Comprehensive development of Branding. Strategy and implementation of the concept and development of all the elements that will make up the DNA of the brand:

  • Brand positioning.
  • 360º marketing strategies.
  • Creative development: brand image.
  • Communication campaigns: development of all the necessary tools to create notoriety and media coverage.

Social media management

We carry out an integral management of social networks, from the creation and planning to the creation of specific content.

  • PUBLICATIONS PLAN: We move the contents on social networks, generating publications every week in order to keep the networks working and engage with the followers.
  • FEED HARMONIZATION: The Instagram feed has become a virtual showcase for brands. That is why taking care of your presence is one of the fundamental pillars to give a good image. Through planning, we create aesthetically harmonized profiles.
  • CONTENT CREATION: We create quality images to be able to generate publications on social networks. Photo sessions adapted to what works best on networks: Ecommerce, creative product still life photography, editorial image sessions...

Influencers Marketing

Experience in managing campaigns with influencers for more than seven years.

  • We have a wide agenda of influencers.
  • Development of collaboration strategies based on the client's budget.
  • Custom shipments.
  • Negotiation of specific actions with influencers.
  • Collaboration monitoring.
  • Scope analytics.

Media plan

In case of having a budget, we make the most suitable media plan for the brand based on its objectives and target.

  • Negotiation of exclusive prices for agency.
  • Hiring.
  • We develop a 360º media plan with coverage at all levels.
  • Proposal of exclusive opportunities that may arise.
  • Support monitoring work in the contracted media.

Event production

  • Ad-hoc production of events adapted to the client's budget: from the creative idea, search for the location, hiring influencers, image production ...
  • Experience in coordinating influencers invited to large-scale events.
  • Development and convocation of two annual Open Days for the press.
  • Comprehensive development of events for press / influencers.

Celebrity Endorsement

  • Briefing of ideas of possible celebrities based on the image and the impact we want to achieve, as well as the budget.
  • Contact and negotiation of fees.
  • Organization of a press conference and media call for presentation.
  • Production of the space and possible elements necessary to personalize it.
  • Coordination of the presentation on site the day it takes place.
  • Negotiation of one-to-one interviews.
  • Several success stories with a very interesting return in weekly magazines.

Fashion & Advertising Campaings

  • Study of the brand, target and product as a starting point to propose a concept.
  • Development of creative strategy.
  • Creation of layout with the guidelines to follow: styling, muah, acting ...
  • Selection of the team of professionals that best suits the requirements of the campaign.
  • Production: organization, negotiation and hiring of complete equipment,
  • Search for an ideal location.
  • Art direction during the shooting.
  • Post production: selection, retouching, catalogs, displays, visuals ...

Other Services: Fairs

In addition to all the services we offer, we develop elements of corporate identity, stands for fairs and conventions.

  • Creative design of corporate materials.
  • Stand production.
  • POS development.
  • Creation of visual elements.
  • Hiring, production and implementation of spaces.
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